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Energy Security




The majority of oil and gas sources are concentrated in certain regions, many of which are getting more technically challenging and more expensive to reach, whereas renewable energy is domestic. It provides security of supply, helping a nation reduce its dependence on import resources. It plays a significant role in addressing our energy needs by replacing foreign energy imports with clean and reliable home-grown electricity with the added bonus of fantastic local economic opportunities.To have great diversity in a nation’s energy supply is yet another way to strengthen energy security. A diversified portfolio of energy assets contributes to a long-term, sustainable energy strategy that protects the power supply from market fluctuations and volatility.

Sol-Lucian would be the ideal candidate for any PV system installations that your business would be undertaking. We provide products from state of the art brands on our solar panels, inverters and all other system components back by warranties of 10 – 25 years on workman ship and linear efficiency. Our skilled and trained technicians provide free installation and after sales service to ensure that your PV system’s efficiency and operations remain optimum.